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Academic Program

    The Philippine Science High School- Central Mindanao Campus follows a curriculum that strictly observes relevance to Science and Technology. The subjects being offered are same as the programs presented in college levels. Thus, promoting high standards and quality education for the youth with high aptitude in the fields of the Sciences.

Science, Mathematics, and Technology Department

    The Science, Mathematics, and Technology (SMT) Depatment of Philippine Science High School- Central Mindanao campus offers subjects related to fields like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Arts and Drafting and Technology Skills. Lessons vary in evey year level. Also, there are special electives related to specific fields in Science and Technology, which enable the students to be specialized more on the subject they like.

Humanities Department

    As the PSHS Mission suggests "development of well-rounded individuals", PSHS scholars are not solely products of Science and Technology. They are nurtured to become survivors of everyday life. This department offers subjects such as the Language Skills, Values Education, Physical Education,  Music, Citizens' Advancement Training, Social Science and Health. Scope of lessons vary in every year level. Like the SMT Department, the Humanities Department also offers electives for those scholars with high potentials in such fields.

>>The Humanities Subjects<<

With the help of highly-educated faculty, the students are sure to have the best of the education they want to have.


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