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  Philippine Science High School- CMC Student Information System
  Author's Page was costructed as a fulfillment for the Research 2 Project: Online Student Information System for Philippine Science High School- Central Mindanao Campus , with proponents
Everette R. Alivio and Ninez Jamero Hernandez.





Ninez Jamero Hernandez

Everette R. Alivio


Pagadian City

Zamboanga  City

Birth date

September 9, 1991

November  25, 1991




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Telephone Numbers


Email Address

   The researches would like to take this opportunity to thank God, above all, for giving us hope and determination in making this project. Also, we would like to extend our endless gratitude to the following special people who were always there to cheer us up and gave us strength and support:

                  Alivio Family                  
Hernandez Family
Lithium '06-'07
Proton '07-'08

    We'd also like to thank The Faculty and Staff of Philippine Science High School- Central Mindanao Campus for their never-ending patience and support to us all and for the gift of education they've given to us for our four-year stay in this institution. This message of thanks goes esp. to Ms. Jenefer Godinez (Research Coordinator), for helping us discover more of what we can do in the field of Research; Mr. Joel R. Hubahib, our Research adviser who helped us fulfill and complete this project; Mr. Redempto Madrazo, Jr. and Mr. Arvel Huilar, our panel members who helped us improve our project; Mrs. Jennifer Frasco and Mr. Rogelio Aranton, who always remind us to devote our time in the completion of our project; Mrs. Allynna Manubag, Proton '07-'08 Adviser for being with us through good and bad times and for bringing us up whenever we were down. Mr. Ian Cris Cadile, Lithium '06-'07 Class Adviser for cheering us up during our first year of Research and; Mrs. Yvonne H. Branzuela for reminding us that we need to reach up to the stars but still keep our feet on the ground.

To the rest of our Pisay Family, thanks alot for sharing with us the memories of our Pisay Life! Mabuhay tayo, Pisay-CMC!

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