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Achievement Test Results Released Last February 29, 2008, Friday

    The much-awaited results of the Achievement Test held last February 11-13, 2008 were released last February 29, 2008 by the administration of the Philippine Science High School- Central Mindanao Campus. PSHS-CMC may not be in top of the list but still, we should be grateful that we are not in the bottom of it. The results are posted outside the faculty room and everyone can read it  from there. Wanna know what number your name is in? Check it out there! Good luck!

Juniors-Senior Promenade 2008: A Success

Preparations were made and everything falls to its place before the time of transformation came. For the third year students, it was one night full of extravagance, of glittering lights, of dazzling gowns and tuxedos. But for the fourth year, it was the night when they will last see themselves wearing those enchanting looks for their high school, a night of turning over what was theirs to their fellow juniors, a night of bequeathal. 
      Held last February 9, 2008 at Cheradel, Iligan City, the JS Prom was a success in totality. Everyone turned to be so enchanting and glamorous-- the juniors, the seniors, and even the faculty and staff who joined in the occasion. The event was also enlightened by our honored guest speaker, Ms. Bridgit Ann Cuevas, who was our Values Education teacher before. "This too shall pass." : A line which she left that strucked us all and made us ponder and glimpse back to our memories long ago. Also, the event featured Ms. Gem Marie Pasahingue, who was awarded as the prom queen, for her controversial "Cleopatra" look with her prom king Gil Micheal Regalado whose charm withstand among all other young men during that night.
     Everyone had fun. Everyone saw themselves how splendid they are beyond all the upcoming academic activities and personal burdens. Everyone shone. To the third years, Congratulations for a job well done. We raise our glasses to you!

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