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What's in the site?

    The site was constructed to provide online information mainly about the students and their activities. It is built to give updates about the school not only to the scholars themselves but as well as the parents, the faculty and staff, and visitors who would like to know more about us. As of the moment, it is the only site that caters the need for information regarding PSHS-CMC and its scholars. Stand out Pisay-CMC!



    As a daughter campus of the PSHS system, PSHS-CMC follows same vision and mission as the mother school. The institution's Vision/Mission is the main basis of the curriculums offered. Both are main goals of the system in molding the scholars into well-rounded individuals and great professionals and leaders in the field of Science and Technology.


    We need to hear feedbacks about our site performance for better development of the system. Hop in now and drop some comments!
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News and Events

    The main focus of this site is to give news and updates about the school and its activities. Get updated with PSHS events. We make the events of our school. These are our stories-- our history.


    Students are the reason why a school is built. And we say that the reason why PSHS-CMC existed are the scholars themselves. This page talks about the scholars and the organizations and clubs established to enhance more the talents and skills of the students. Also, the features include plans and projects made by the organizations as applications of what they have learned within the four walls of the classroom.
    We made PSHS-CMC what it was before, what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow.

Academic Programs

    PSHS-CMC students are special in such a way that we are given a higher level of academic programs compared to other high schools. This page contains the curriculum that PSHS-CMC implemented. This covers the lessons that we have learned in our four year stay in this campus. These programs made us the "Mga Iskolar ng Bayan". Be Proud! You are a Pisayan!

School Calendar

    The School Calendar contains the time frame and schedule of activities-- whether academic or extra-curricular. Well, for sure, nobody wants to get late in submission of requirements, right? Keep track of your schedule and let's count down the days altogether.


   This is the online Blackboard or the forum of this site. Here, you can share ideas, discuss certain topics, be informed about assignments and quizzes by e friend, etc. online. Speak up your mind. You're a scholar. You do have the right to do so.

Link List

    As scholars, we need connection to the outside world. We need to be a part of the society not only as scholars but also as normal people who goes well with the community. Here, we listed some sites which are helpful for global connectivity. Get to know more about what's beyond our walls.
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